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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount Region
Project Connections

Provision of accurate online resources is a valuable tool in designing programs aimed at assisting rural consumers in making informed decisions about their health and to communicate effectively wit

$7630 SCR
Project Title: Outreach Library 2017-2018: University of Iowa Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

Serve as a partner outreach library, offering training and promotion of NLM resources on behalf of the GMR.

$0 GMR
Promoviendo la Salud: A Guide to Spanish Language Health Education Resources

The National Center for Farmworker Health proposes to develop a one stop health education website and training guide designed to increase the awareness and utilization of Spanish language Medline P

$24999 SCR
Providing Outreach to the Rural Population in Arkansas? Delta Region

This project will connect public libraries in the rural Delta region of Arkansas with the necessary technologies and resources to provide consumer health information to their patrons.

$9999 SCR
Public Library Outreach: Health Information Hub Chicago Public Library

The project proposed is a health information hub inside a regional Chicago Public Library currently undergoing extensive renovations in a disadvantaged community that suffers from a spate of health

$5000 GMR
Reducing Health Disparities among VIPs and Other Minority Groups

It is often said that if you want to be healthy, choose your parents wisely.

$10000 NER
Rethinking Early Neurosurgery: The Harvey Cushing collection

The Cushing Center, which opened in 2010, brought renewed attention to the materials within Harvey Cushing's collections, which include, beyond the Registry, over 200 boxes of archival materia

$7689 NER
Rural West Texas Health Outreach

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Libraries propose to increase awareness of reliable consumer health information in English and Spanish from the National Library of Medicin

$1945 SCR
See One, Do One, Teach One

The One Button Studio (OBS) is a simple video recording studio can be easily used by a novice to create polished video content such as oral histories, interviews, presentations, and instructional v

$9700 NER
Solving the Unsolvable A New Look at the Opioid Epidemic and Addiction in Adolescents

The primary purpose of the Solving the Unsolvable online discussion and symposium event is to bring together key stakeholders (located or affiliated with southeastern Massachusetts) involved in the

$8600 NER
St. Joseph's Elementary: Interactive Technology in the Classroom

This technology funding proposal is to obtain state of the art technology in the science and health classrooms at Saint Joseph School in Webster, MA.

$16000 NER
Subaward 2016-2017: Resources and Learning Opportunities for Patients and their Families

The purpose of this project is to increase access, knowledge, skills, and use of library resources that can help support the health of immigrant Micronesian families.

$32237 PSR
Subaward 2016-2017: Resources and Services for Community Health Nursing Clinics Across the State of Nevada

To support community health nurses across the State of Nevada by providing instruction and promotion of freely available health information with a focus on National Library of Medicine (NLM) resour

$40000 PSR
Subaward 2016–2018: Arizona Outreach

Through the Arizona Outreach Subaward, the University of Arizona Health Sciences Library (UAHSL) will execute a variety of activities designed to reach out to various communities in our largely rur

$55000 PSR
Targeting the Displaced Marshallese Community Living in Arkansas to Increase Awareness of NLM's Health Information Resources

This project will increase awareness of authoritative health and science resources from the National Library of Medicine for the Marshallese population in Arkansas and health professionals who prov

$9999 SCR
Teaching Science through Gamification: Promoting Education on Health Topics within the Caddo Parish School System in Northwest Louisiana

Health education is taught at all school grade levels in the Caddo Parish School System (CPSS).

$10000 SCR
Tech Improve: Enhancing User Experience: Providing a Visual Browser for Electronic Journal

The mission of Blessing Health Professions Library is to enhance learning, research, and patient care by effectively managing knowledge-based resources for the 21st century.

$3995 GMR
Tech Improve: Technology Adaptation to Promote Employee Connectivity

The aims of this project are to equip the health sciences librarians at the University of North Dakota with technology that will improve their ability to

$940 GMR
Technology Enhancement: Scanner for Interlibrary Loan and Tulsa County Medical Society Digitization Project

The primary goal of this project (Goal 1) is to expand interlibrary loan outreach to physician members of the Tulsa County Medical Society (TCMS).

$3734 SCR
Technology Improvement Award 113: Bioinformatics and Health Informatics Portal for Medical Sciences Campus at University of Puerto Rico

This project proposes the creation of a bioinformatics and health informatics portal to primarily serve students, professors, researchers, clinicians and general public at the Medical Science Campu

$15000 SEA