Network of the National Library of Medicine
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Overview of NNLM Initiatives

NNLM initiatives are areas of national emphasis with specific goals and outcomes. To become a national initiative, a topic must:

  1. Have support, in terms of resources and/or funding, from a majority of the Network’s Regional Medical Libraries (RMLs) and National Offices, and
  2. Be approved by the National Network Steering Committee (NNSC).

Initiative: The NNLM RD3: Resources for Data-Driven Discovery is a place for librarians, information professionals, library and information science students, and interested individuals to learn about and discuss research data management throughout the data lifecycle for biomedical and scientific research. 

Initiative: The purpose of NNLM’s strategic focus on public libraries is to develop long-term partnerships and collaborations that bring NLM’s information resources to the community. The goal of this national initiative is to promote health information literacy by equipping library staff with effective skills and high-quality resources to meet the needs of consumers.