Public Libraries: Health Programming

Health Programming Resources

NNLM Reading Club
The NNLM Reading Club is a selection of “ready-to-use” book titles along with free and downloadable materials designed to help libraries support the health information needs in their communities. Through the fun and intimacy of a book club, readers will discuss health and wellness topics important to them and their loved ones as well as discover NIH National Library of Medicine evidence-based consumer health resources.

Engage for Health
Engage for Health [Fix Link]is a program available for libraries, community and faith based agencies, and health care providers to offer in their communities on patient empowerment and communication.

Let’s Move in Libraries
Let’s Move in Libraries is a great place for library professionals to be inspired by, learn about and share excellent program ideas to get their communities moving.

Programming Librarian: Health and Wellness
Programming Librarian is a searchable database of library program ideas from the American Library Association Public Programs Office.

Public Library Association
Public Library Association Health Resources has the tools, program ideas and primers you need to stay up-to- date on health literacy topics from PLA.

WebJunction: Health Happens in Libraries
WebJunction: Health Happens at Libraries is a program that magnifies the role of public libraries as key contributors to community health. Visit for health information news, resources, and webinars for public libraries.

Sensory Storytime

Program Evaluation

NNLM National Evaluation Center
All NNLM-funded projects have evaluation requirements. The NNLM National Evaluation Center has a list of evaluation methods and information about reporting tools. Writing a proposal? Follow these 5 Steps to an Evaluation Plan.

Public Library Association Logo
Project Outcome
Project Outcome from the Public Library Association is a FREE online toolkit designed to help public libraries understand and share the impact of essential library programs and services by providing simple surveys and an easy-to-use process for measuring and analyzing outcomes.

Templates for Building Partnerships

Health outreach within the community is best done in partnership with other organizations. Below please find sample letters of invitation to participate, invitation to speak, and of thanks. These letters can be printed and mailed or modified to send via email.

Trainings and Webinars on Health Programming

Recorded Webinars

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