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Racism and Health

America’s long, frequently uncomfortable conversation about racism and social justice continues, with both new and familiar voices speaking up. Health is very much a subtopic that needs to be considered in that discourse.

Health depends on social factors, whether they are the condition of one’s neighborhood, the accessibility of good nutrition, or the education necessary to make informed choices about wellness. These things are not impervious to racism. Racism can reduce the length of lives or stop them before they start. It is indeed a public health crisis.

To be committed to equity in health, one must address racism’s impact on it. We encourage you to use these books to start a conversation or keep an existing one going. All voices are not always heard in such conversations. We urge you to listen, think critically about what you can do to alleviate the effect racism has on health equity and act for social justice.

The context for these specific titles is maternal health in the Black community. However, we hope you will find in them principles that are universal. Visit NNLM Reading Club Black Maternal Health.

Book cover images: We Live for the We; Battling Over Birth; Motherhood So White