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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount Region
Becoming a Healthier Community: Step by Step

Provide health education and health information searching skills for individuals in most need with a focus on affordable food selections, simple meal preparation, and physical activity engagement t

$9651 SCR
Bringing the NIH 3D Print Exchange and 3D Printing to El Paso?s Health Care

The Texas Tech University Health Science Center at El Paso Libraries will bring 3D printing and knowledge of how to use the NIH 3D Print Exchange to the health workers, medical students, Hispanics,

$9989 SCR
Continuing Health Information Outreach in New Mexico

Through this project, HSLIC will focus on sustaining the connections with the many organizations in New Mexico it has partnered with in the past to raise awareness of free health information resour

$10000 SCR
Creating an Interactive Digital Gallery: Using Touchscreens to Enhance NLM Exhibits and Classes

Interactive elements within exhibits and classes enhance the engagement and learning of the participants.

$10000 SCR
Cultivating a Community of Practice: Oklahoma's Health Information Specialists Program

From its infancy in 2013, the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library's Health Information Specialists Program has grown substantially.

$24915 SCR
EOA 2016-17: Community Access to Health Information Training in San Diego

The Pacific College of Oriental College (PCOM) proposes a collaborative health information outreach project to increase awareness and access of NLM/NIH online resources by providing training worksh

$14000 PSR
EOA 2016-17: Community Health Information Resource for Seniors (CHIRS)

The overall purpose of the Community Health Information Resource for Seniors (CHIRS) is to strengthen and enhance Washoe County?s provision of resources to its community by building a comprehensive

$13999 PSR
Health Information Outreach to the El Paso Border Community

The Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso (TTUHSCEP) Libraries proposes to deliver outreach services to health care professionals and the general public in the El Paso area by means o

$8545 SCR
Meeting the Community Information Needs Regarding Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccinations

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) three-shot vaccine series is the only current method to prevent future HPV persistent infection-associated cancers.

$25000 SCR
Mobile Connections for Health - Phase 2

Mobile Connections for Health (MCH) is a health information outreach and training project aimed at increasing public health professionals - specifically Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Health E

$5363 SCR
MSEARCH (Mobile Systems Education and Resources for Consumer Health) 2

Mobile Systems Education and Resources for Consumer Health (MSEARCH) 2 is an electronic skill-building program focused on educating seniors in Harris County how to navigate National Library of Medi

$23721 SCR
Professional Development: APHA 2016, Ravindran

This conference is directly relevant to the goals of the applicant's institution and program.

$1500 PNR
Project Connections

Provision of accurate online resources is a valuable tool in designing programs aimed at assisting rural consumers in making informed decisions about their health and to communicate effectively wit

$7630 SCR
Promoviendo la Salud: A Guide to Spanish Language Health Education Resources

The National Center for Farmworker Health proposes to develop a one stop health education website and training guide designed to increase the awareness and utilization of Spanish language Medline P

$24999 SCR
Providing Outreach to the Rural Population in Arkansas? Delta Region

This project will connect public libraries in the rural Delta region of Arkansas with the necessary technologies and resources to provide consumer health information to their patrons.

$9999 SCR
Rural West Texas Health Outreach

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Libraries propose to increase awareness of reliable consumer health information in English and Spanish from the National Library of Medicin

$1945 SCR
Subaward 2016-2017: Arizona Outreach

Through the Arizona Outreach Subaward, the University of Arizona Health Sciences Library (UAHSL) will execute a variety of activities designed to reach out to various communities in our largely rur

$55000 PSR
Subaward 2016-2017: Resources and Learning Opportunities for Patients and their Families

The purpose of this project is to increase access, knowledge, skills, and use of library resources that can help support the health of immigrant Micronesian families.

$32237 PSR
Subaward 2016-2017:Resources and Services for Community Health Nursing Clinics Across the State of Nevada

To support community health nurses across the State of Nevada by providing instruction and promotion of freely available health information with a focus on National Library of Medicine (NLM) resour

$40000 PSR
Targeting the Displaced Marshallese Community Living in Arkansas to Increase Awareness of NLM?s Health Information Resources

This project will increase awareness of authoritative health and science resources from the National Library of Medicine for the Marshallese population in Arkansas and health professionals who prov

$9999 SCR