National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount Region
Cancer Conversation: Saving lives through early cancer detection

15-40 Connection and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine both work to provide access to vital health information to improve quality of life and the healthcare experience.

$10000 NER
Community Health Outreach: Comics and Medicine 2017 Conference

This project will bring the Comics and Medicine 2017 Conference to Seattle, WA on June 15-17, 2017 at the Seattle Public Library.

$12000 PNR
Community Health Outreach: Health Kiosks Increase Access

Over twelve months, Multnomah County Library will pilot the use of health information kiosks in select branches.

$4440 PNR
Community Health Outreach: Improving Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia in Primary Care

Washington State has the third highest rate of death from Alzheimer's disease of any state in the nation. This is expected to increase 40% in next 10 years and 181% over the next 30 years.

$9500 PNR
Community Health Outreach: Improving Rural Montanans' Access to Quality Health Information

This project will consist of a spectrum of outreach activities that MSU Librarians will implement to educate Montana constituencies about National Library of Medicine resources and services.

$12000 PNR
Community Health Workshop: Promoting Healthy Communities by Increasing Knowledge

The Community Health Workshop project seeks to utilize and build on the role of community spaces such as libraries, senior centers, and community centers to facilitate access to knowledge and promo

$14653 SCR
Connections4Health: Improving Patient Health through Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Connections4Health (C4H) is an innovative program of placing a social service help desk in the waiting area of underserved medical centers to assist patients in their unmet needs during, and as par

$14994 MAR
Continuing Health Information Outreach in New Mexico

Through this project, HSLIC will focus on sustaining the connections with the many organizations in New Mexico it has partnered with in the past to raise awareness of free health information resour

$10000 SCR
CoughEtiquette 2016-2017

We will continue supporting our education program with previous participants who wish to continue.

$12558 NER
Couples Team Work: Promoting Access to Information and Resources for Vulnerable Populations

Couples Team Work is a program for couples in which one partner has a chronic illness and the other is transitioning into a role of partner/caregiver.

$9890 NER
Creating an Interactive Digital Gallery: Using Touchscreens to Enhance NLM Exhibits and Classes

Interactive elements within exhibits and classes enhance the engagement and learning of the participants.

$10000 SCR
Cultivating a Community of Practice: Oklahoma's Health Information Specialists Program

From its infancy in 2013, the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library's Health Information Specialists Program has grown substantially.

$24915 SCR
Data Management for Librarians

In an effort to expand professional knowledge resulting in improved health information access and delivery, we propose to present a program introducing data science and management to hospital, heal

$600 MAR
Development of Patient Education Professional Practice Guidelines to Promote Health Literacy

The purpose of this project is to begin the process of developing concise patient education practice guidelines for health professionals which emphasize health literacy strategies.

$15000 MAR
Doula Technology Enhancement Project

Pettaway Pursuit Foundation's goal is to empower new mothers with education and support throughout the prenatal and postpartum period, to achieve healthy newborn outcomes through healthier and

$5000 NER
Education and Support for Prevention, Intervention and Recovery

This project will create a four pronged approach to education and support for students and families faced with addiction and recovery. Addiction is a family disease.

$9150 NER
Emerging Leader- Ossom Williamson

The NN/LM SCR is partnering with the South Central Academic Medical Libraries Consortium (SCAMeL) to offer the Emerging Leaders Award.

$6000 SCR
Enhancing Access to Biomedical Resources through the TEACH Academy

Over the past fourteen years, the TEACH Academy (Teachers Exploring and Advocating Careers in Health) has provided teachers, guidance counselors and health professionals with resources to educate s

$4538 MAR
EOA 2016-17: Community Access to Health Information Training in San Diego

The Pacific College of Oriental College (PCOM) proposes a collaborative health information outreach project to increase awareness and access of NLM/NIH online resources by providing training worksh

$14000 PSR
EOA 2016-17: Community Health Information Resource for Seniors (CHIRS)

The overall purpose of the Community Health Information Resource for Seniors (CHIRS) is to strengthen and enhance Washoe County's provision of resources to its community by building a comprehe

$13999 PSR