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Stronger Together: Healthcare Coalitions in Rural and Frontier Areas Natural and man-made emergencies can have complex and devastating effects for any jurisdiction.
testing audio files Environment down the drain   
The Importance of Digital Literacy and Its Impact on Understanding Health Information Technology is continuing to improve, and more and more people are looking online for health information, managing care, and trusted advice.
The NEW PHDL Page The new PHDL page is accessible ONLY to the following public health departments:
True North: Navigating Your Way to Freely Available Public Health Resources This is a collaborative course that covers concepts related to searching for freely available public health resources, reviewing resources for bias, and thinking outside-the-box for your search str
Understanding the Opioid Crisis: Where do I begin? An estimated 1.9 million people in the U.S. have a prescription opioid use disorder, while another 586,000 have a heroin use disorder. This class will help you to understand what addiction and opioids are and where you can find authoritative information to understand this complex epidemic.
Universal Design for Learning: Accessibility at the Library More and more libraries and educational institutions provide online content whether databases, archival collections, videos, and documents.
Wellness in the Library Workplace You’re a library worker. You’re already helping those in your community find health information. As a library worker, what are you doing to manage your own well-being?
What's in a Data Story? Understanding the Basics of Data Storytelling A one-hour introductory webinar on the fundamentals of effective storytelling using data collected and visualized by librarians for librarians. Data without a story is just a pile of numbers.
Wikipedia + Libraries: NNLM Wikipedia is a go-to resource for health and medical information, not just for the general public but for health care providers as well.
Will Duct Tape Cure My Warts? Examining Complementary and Alternative Medicine This class is offered in Moodle.