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Event Title Date(s) Summary
Providing Multilingual and Multicultural Health Information October 6, 2022 This 1-hour live class taught in WebEx is designed to assist librarians and others who work with diverse populations in locating health information. The resources presented are selected for their emphasis on providing culturally relevant information in the preferred language of the population. Background information on refugees and immigrants in the U.S. and their unique health issues will be presented.

Platform/Location: Webex

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On-Demand Classes

Event Title Date(s) Summary
Introduction to Health Reference: Ethics and Best Practices On-demand through October 31, 2022 Learn how to conduct a health reference interview using ethical and effective communication strategies in this 4 credit-hour on-demand class. Content includes interactive self-paced tutorials, discussion forums, and a synthesis exercise.

Platform/Location: Moodle

Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) Changes and PubMed Searching – On Demand On-demand through February 8, 2023 Every year, the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) are updated. How does this affect your PubMed searches? What happens when a term gets changed, added, removed or moved to a different part of the MeSH hierarchy? How do you accommodate vocabulary changes over time in your comprehensive searches? How do you check your saved searches and alerts? This course, intended for expert searchers, shows you how with brief demos and interactive exercises.

Platform/Location: Moodle

MedlinePlus Tutorial for Librarians and Health Educators On-demand through April 30, 2023 This interactive, narrated tutorial provides a tour of the MedlinePlus website and takes about 1 hour to complete.

Platform/Location: Moodle

Preprints: Accelerating Research (On-Demand) On-demand through October 15, 2023 What are preprints, and how are they changing how biomedical research results are shared? This 1-hour, online, self-paced course introduces preprints and how they can be used in literature searching and in sharing your research results with others. 

Platform/Location: Moodle

Prescription and Over the Counter Drugs: Supporting Patients with Evidence-Based Information On-demand through October 31, 2022 This 1 credit hour on-demand course introduces the difference between prescription and over the counter drugs, and how to use DailyMed, LactMed and the National Institute on Drug Abuse to find drug information.

Platform/Location: Moodle

PubMed Essentials On-Demand 2022-2023 On-demand through April 30, 2023 If you’re new to PubMed or just want a refresher, this online class is designed for you.

The is a self-paced course offered via Moodle. The class is available 24/7.

The class is made up of 10 short units that include videos, exercises and quizzes.

The class gives you the chance to explore PubMed at your own pace with guided tours and exercises.

This class takes about 1 hour to complete.

Platform/Location: Moodle

RDM On-demand: Data Sharing and Publishing On-demand through April 24, 2023 What are the FAIR data principles, and how do they relate to research reproducibility? This introductory, four-hour, on-demand course describes principles and challenges of data sharing, as well as data sharing incentives, open data, data citations, and data journals. Through readings, tutorials, videos, and hands-on scenarios you will increase your knowledge about data sharing and publishing.

Platform/Location: Moodle

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