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Identifying and Combating Health Misinformation - Health and Medical Information on Wikipedia

The circulation of misinformation online can be damaging to public health. English Wikipedia is the eighth most-visited website in the U.S. How accurate and authoritative are health information articles on Wikipedia? Join this webinar to sharpen your information literacy skills with a walk through of the inner workings of Wikipedia. This webinar gives special attention to health and medical information articles, fringe theories, and controversial topics covered in the news.
Date: October 14, 2020

NLM Drug Information Resources

Date: October 13, 2020

Connections: Virtual Anti-loneliness Programs in the time of COVID-19

Connections, Loneliness, and social isolation are rampant in America, according to many experts. The Center for Disease Control calls loneliness an epidemic and says it has a higher morbidity rate than obesity (about the same as smoking two packs of cigarettes a day). Studies have shown that loneliness cuts across all age, social, race, and economic demographics. We have many virtual friends, but few in reality. COVID-19 has exacerbated this problem.
Date: October 7, 2020

Effective Health Communication and Health Literacy: Understanding the Connection

Are you curious as to why health communication and health literacy are connected? Do you want to be more effective in your written and verbal health written communication? This introductory class to health literacy and health communication will help you understand and raise your awareness of the complexity of these concepts. We will define health literacy, explore how communication and health literacy affects how a person makes health care decisions, discuss disparities in health literacy, and go over best practices for effective health communication.
Date: October 6, 2020

Citizen Science & Libraries: Advance Alzheimer's Research Online Presentation and Q&A

Date: September 30, 2020

Correction of Health Misinformation on Social Media

The speed with which information can spread on social media is astounding. In some cases, this allows for important information to be communicated quickly to massive audiences. However, misinformation can spread just as quickly as accurate information. What can you do to slow its spread?
This presentation covers research on the correction of misinformation on social media. It also discusses misinformation on social media in general, how and why to correct it, and best practices for doing so.

Date: September 29, 2020

CiteNLM Wikipedia Edit a Thon Training - September 25, 2020

Join the Network of the National Library of Medicine for the Fall 2020 #CiteNLM Edit-a-thon as we add citations to Wikipedia articles on maternal & child health using trusted National Library of Medicine resources LactMed, MedlinePlus, PubMed, and more.
Date: September 25, 2020

Mental Health Awareness During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has had a widespread, profound effect on society as a whole, but certain population groups are specifically tasked with social isolation and loneliness. This presentation raises awareness about the mental and emotional effects during these unusual times and offers evidence-based health information to help older adults cope.
The presentation is being presented by the All of Us Research Team from the Rush University Medical Center Alzheimer's Disease Center.

Date: September 23, 2020

NNLM Reading Club Presents...We Live for the We with Dani McClain

Join authors Dani McClain and Andrea Collier as they discuss McClain’s book, We Live for the We: the Political Power of Black Motherhood.

Date: September 22, 2020

“Because I See What You Do”: How Microaggressions Undermine the Hope for Authenticity at Work

Join Jodi-Ann Burey as she explores the structural racism underpinning experiences with racial microaggressions so we can better support individuals and institutions to effectively lead an increasingly diverse, geographically dispersed and culturally complex workforce and transform our work cultures so that everyone can truly belong.

Date: September 17, 2020
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