Wellness in the Library Workplace

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You’re a library worker. You’re already helping those in your community find health information. As a library worker, what are you doing to manage your own well-being? Individual and community well-being are inherently connected. Thus, it is critical that workplaces be an area of wellness for their employees. Join us to discover ways to improve your own personal well-being and create a healthy workplace.  If you are a supervisor, how are you helping to ensure your staff stays healthy (physically, emotionally, etc.)? We will also discuss ways to increase overall wellness for all staff in libraries so that we have happy, healthy, and safe work environments.

In this 2-week, 4-CE class participants will explore the aspects of a healthy workplace including physical, mental, and emotional components. During the first week, we will look at the evidence on the benefits of having a healthy working environment matters to you, to the library, and to your community. We will discuss what does and does not make a healthy working environment. During the second week, participants will learn about and explore changes they can make at an individual level to improve workplace health and wellness. We will also discuss changes that could and should be made at the team and organizational levels to improve workplace health and wellness for everyone.

Things to know

This course is asynchronous, there are no set hours to be online each week. 

Registration for this class is limited to 50 participants.

Registration for this class closes Friday, Nov 26 at 11:59pm or earlier, if all registration seats are filled.

Registrants can access class content beginning November 26. 

The class officially begins Monday, Nov 29. 

  • Describe the benefits of a healthy workplace
  • Explore what a healthy work environment looks like
  • Identify changes you can make at the individual level to improve your health and wellness at work
  • Identify changes to make at an organization level to improve the overall health and wellness in your library 
  • Increase awareness of evaluation tools related to news articles and other online content related to health and wellness
  • Increase awareness of resources from NLM and NIH related to health and wellness in the workplace

Class Details

Date(s): November 29, 2021 - December 12, 2021
Platform: Moodle
CE Credits: 4.00
Class Experience Level: Beginner
This is a National NNLM class.
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Class Contacts

Instructor: Bobbi Newman
Technical Assistance: Molly Knapp