Data Literacy for the Busy Librarian

This 2-week, 4 credit-hour, self-paced online class looks at foundational data management skills with an emphasis on key topics relating to Data Management Plans (DMPs), understanding standards and metadata in a biomedical context, identifying appropriate biomedical data repositories, understanding data sharing and data citation, and knowing and applying best practices in data visualization.

  1. Describe how the data life cycle fits into the larger research lifecycle
  2. Recommend file naming conventions and file formats based on best practices
  3. Apply selected metadata standards to a given dataset in order to facilitate better sharing of data and understands the rationale for metadata
  4. Identify appropriate data repositories
  5. Discuss potential solutions for datasets with security/privacy issues (HIPAA) and develops an understanding of intellectual property and privacy and confidentiality issues when it comes to sharing data
  6. Articulate FAIR principles and explain data sharing, data citations, and data journals
  7. Explain Data Management Plan (DMP) requirements of funding agencies (NIH, NSF) and evaluate a DMP for adherence to funding agency requirements
  8. Understand and apply best practices for data visualization

Class Details

Date(s): February 14, 2022 - February 28, 2022
Platform: Moodle
CE Credits: 4.00
CE Categories: DSS
Class Experience Level: Beginner
This is a National NNLM class.
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Class Contacts

Instructor: Nancy Shin
Technical Assistance: