National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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Members Directory

Members provide health professionals and the general public with health information resources and services. Members include libraries, information centers, or other types of organizations.

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Members can request specialized training in providing health information through National Library of Medicine resources. Members are also eligible for funding for health information projects.

Organization Region Locationsort descending Telephone
Northern Sydney Local Health District 619-926 4555
Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine 39-684-4444
Belau National Museum 680-488-4079
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Middle Atlantic Landstuhl, Armed Forces (Europe, Canada, Middle East, Africa) 011496371867111
Ravenwood Elementary Pacific Northwest Eagle River, Alaska 907-742-3275
St. John United Methodist Church Pacific Northwest Anchorage, Alaska 907-349-4832
Central Peninsula Hospital Pacific Northwest Soldotna, Alaska 907-714-4778
Anchorage School District Pacific Northwest Anchorage, Alaska 907-742-1300
Kenaitze Indian Tribe Pacific Northwest Kenai, Alaska 907-335-2148
Alaska Division of Public Health Pacific Northwest Juneau, Alaska 907-465-5663
Southcentral Foundation Pacific Northwest Anchorage, Alaska 907-729-4955
Native Village of Eyak Pacific Northwest Cordova, Alaska 907-424-7738
Juneau Public Library Pacific Northwest Juneau, Alaska 907-586-5249
Stone Soup Group Pacific Northwest Anchorage, Alaska 907-561-3701
Sand Point School / Community Library Pacific Northwest Sand Point, Alaska 907-383-2393
Alaska Native Medical Center Pacific Northwest Anchorage, Alaska 907-729-2943
Ketchikan Public Library Pacific Northwest Ketchikan, Alaska 907-225-3331
Anchorage Health Literacy Collaborative Pacific Northwest Anchorage, Alaska 907-743-0201
University of Alaska Anchorage Medical Library Pacific Northwest Anchorage, Alaska 907-786-1870
Alaska State Library Pacific Northwest Juneau, Alaska 907-465-2916
Alaska Pediatric Therapy Pacific Northwest Anchorage, Alaska 907-561-1478
Verging Dynamics Pacific Northwest Anchorage, Alaska 907-764-5229
Alaska Division of Senior and Disability Services Pacific Northwest Juneau, Alaska 907-465-1605
Alaska VAHS (Veterans Administration Healthcare System) Pacific Northwest Anchorage, Alaska 907-257-4924
Providence Alaska Medical Center - Providence Health & Services Alaska Pacific Northwest Anchorage, Alaska 907-230-2535