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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Technology Awareness Award - University of Virginia Technology InfoFair

University of Virginia Claude Moore Health Sciences Library will hold a technology InfoFair at the Library in October, 2002.

Technology Awareness Conference - University of Maryland, Baltimore

University of Maryland HS/HSL will hold a PDA fair, Spring 2002, at the Library.

Technology Awareness Conference - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

UNC- CH Health Sciences Library and Duke University Medical Center Library will co-sponsor a Mobile Technology Fair on March 18, 2002.

Technology Awareness Conference - University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Library

This award allows a Network member to coordinate and implement a forum of technology awareness for health professionals and information professionals.

Technology Awareness Conference - University of South Alabama

University of South Alabama Biomedical Library will hold a cybercafe at the Medical Association of the State of Alabama 2002 annual meeting.

TI Award: Ariel Document Delivery in Southern Kentucky

Technology Improvement Award: Ariel Document Delivery in Southern Kentucky seeks to address the need for improved electronic document delivery for the geographically dispersed patron population in

TI Award: Electronic Document Delivery for Public Health & School Health Professionals in Minnesota

Technology Improvement Award: The RN Barr Library at the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) will improve electronic access to the library for their clients.

TI Award: Enhanced Electronic Document Delivery

Technology Improvement Award: The primary goal of the project is to enhance internet access to the journal collection of the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing for library users, and t

TI Award: Introducing Resources on End-of-Life Care

Technology Improvement Award: The University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center Library (UKCMCL) in collaboration with the Hospice of the Bluegrass (HOB) will provide outreach training services to

TI Award: Medical Library Technology Improvement Program

Technology Improvement Award: Mercy Hospital, Grayling, Michigan intends to purchase two computers and two printers for the Medical Library in March of 2002.

TI Award: Personal Digital Assistants and Pocket PCs

Technology Improvement Award: The Library of the Health Sciences at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences proposes to partner with the Upper Great Plains Telecommuni

TI Award: Proposal to purchase Ariel software and scanner for document delivery

Technology Improvement Award: MeritCare Health System Library in Fargo, North Dakota will purchase Ariel software and a scanner for document delivery to expedite the process of transmitting and rec

Training Award - Southern Chapter of MLA 2003

Southern Chapter will hold two CE courses at their 2003 annual meeting in Coral Cables, FL - Advanced PDAs and E-Librarian: Taming Electronic Resources with funding from the NN/LM SE/A.

Training Award - University of Tennessee Health Science Center 2001

University of Tennessee Health Science Center will provide training for a class of 60 healthcare professionals at UT Health Sciences Center and 300 minority physicians of the Bluff City Medical Soc

Training for Professionals Serving Children with Special Needs, Mini-award (Seattle, WA)

Training sessions in Kennewick and Spokane to develop basic Web searching skills for families, patients and professionals serving special needs children.

Tribal Connections 3: Nez Perce Tribe

Develop and conduct training on accessing electronic health information; support and participate in health promotion activities; and provide analysis and advice regarding telecommunications and inf

University of Connecticut: Technology Awareness - Consumer Health Networking and Technology

Technology Awareness Award to the University of Connecticut for a Consumer Health Conference that would foster a collaboration between public health departments, public libraries, major health orga

University of Florida - Improving Information Skills for Florida Public Health Professionals

The University of Florida Health Center Library will provide onsite Internet training to public health professionals in 14 rural northern Florida counties.

University of Maryland - Health Outreach to Faith Communities through a Parish Nurse Program

The University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library will identify local parish nurses, assess their computer literacy, Internet access and knowledge and skills specific to health

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - North Carolina Health Information Online

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library will identify and select state and local health information resources that address key health problems in NC.