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NNLM Reading Club: Digital Health Literacy

Digital Health Literacy

Much of our healthcare today runs on digital devices. Think telehealth or telemedicine; electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR); mobile health apps (mHealth); emailing your doctor and more. While this connectivity is helpful, healthcare consumers or patients need to have digital health literacy to effectively partner in their health care. There are still gaps for inequitable access, and sometimes the reality of our digital health tools falls a bit short of their initial promise.

The World Health Organization defines digital health literacy as the ability to seek, find, understand, and appraise health information from electronic sources and apply the knowledge gained to addressing or solving a health problem.

However, the Pew Research Center reports that the internet is the de facto choice for more than a third of U.S. adults searching for medical information.

And did you know that a Google search for "cancer" will produce over 800 million results? That is an overwhelming amount of information! No wonder millions of Americans struggle to find and use online health information.

Libraries can play a crucial role in helping their patrons access quality online health information. Join the NNLM Reading Club as we explore Digital Health Literacy to learn more about the bits and bytes driving today’s healthcare system. Discover what we need to know to fully participate in this rapidly evolving approach in how we prevent, diagnose, and treat illnesses. 

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Book covers for Deep Medicine, The Digital Doctor, and The Future of Healthcare

Deep Medicine by Eric Topol | The Digital Doctor by Robert Wachter | The Future of Healthcare by Emmanuel Fombu