Yamila El-Khayat, M.A.

Communications and Citizen Science, Region 4

Yamila M. El-Khayat, M.A. serves as Communications and Citizen Science Specialist at NNLM (Network of the National Library of Medicine) Region 4. She has a passion for health information and working with all communities in particular traditionally marginalized communities. Yamila is a medical librarian at the University of Arizona. In working as a Librarian, she has been determined to increase health literacy to better serve the needs of the Latino and Native American populations, improving access to information related to the health of Native American, Hispanic, Border, Evidence-based, intercultural, bilingual and culturally appropriate. She has experience training information for clinicians, students, and community members, including health promoters/ “Promotores de Salud”.

Classes I Teach

Event Title Summary
Cancelled. R4 Connections. Racial microaggressions: Their effects on mental and physical health Part of the R4 Connections Webinar Series. In this session, guest speaker Jaena Alabi will present a brief history of racial microaggressions research, focusing on the negative mental and physical health outcomes associated with experiencing subtle racism. Strategies for mitigating the negative effects of racial microaggressions, such as incorporating cultural competence into one’s practice of librarianship, will also be shared.
R4 Connections. Stuck on a Cruise Ship – How to Help Aspiring Health Professionals Through HOSA Part of the R4 Connections Webinar Series. This session will feature guest speakers Charlotte Slaughter, Denise Abbott, Cynthia Cox, and Trudy Pecorelli.

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