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Wikidata, Librarians and Research Data Management

Join us as we host Wikidata expert and librarian Katie Mika, from the University of Colorado Boulder!  

This webinar introduces the WikiCite initiative to build a database of open citations to support free and computational access to bibliographic metadata and will identify simple, high impact ways for to get involved. As experts in the intersection of bibliographic metadata, information discovery, and interdisciplinary research, librarians are a tremendous resource for this community.

Currently the WikiCite citation database is being developed in Wikidata, which has also become a viable linked data hub for library collections and authority data. Citations are vital to Wikipedia’s foundation of “verifiability, not truth,” and academic libraries are uniquely positioned to connect researchers and their outputs with the wider information ecosystem. As the backbone of scholarly knowledge, citations are also vital components of Open Science RDM strategies. Open, structured, separable citations encourage data reuse and remixing to reproduce, verify, and build on results reported in scholarly literature. In addition to access, Wikidata adds these citations to the linked data knowledge graph, supporting applications like Scholia that generate scholarly profiles and Wikidata info cards that can be added to library systems.

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NNLM Research Data Management Webinar Series
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Wikidata, Librarians and Research Data Management