PubMed Basics


To hone basic searching techniques and the ability to develop general search strategies that will take advantage of the various interface access points of PubMed. The difference between PubMed and MEDLINE will be explained. Topics covered include Automatic Term Mapping, Interpreting Search Results, understanding Related Articles, Searching with MeSH, Journal searching  (Single Citation Matcher) and establishing a My NCBI account. This one or two hour class is an overview to demonstrate using the aforementioned features of PubMed to search effectively.


  1. PubMed and MEDLINE explanation
  2. Automatic Term Mapping (5min)
  3. Interpreting Search Details (10 min)
  4. Intepreting Search Results (10 min)
  5. Searching with MeSH (10 min)
  6. Journal Searching (5 min)
  7. Searching with Limits (10 min)
  8. Establishing an NCBI Account  (10 min)

Course Materials

Continuing Education

  • This class has been approved by the Medical Library Association for 1 or 2 contact hours of CE credit.
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PubMed Basics Instructors

Pacific Northwest Region

Patricia Devine, , ,

Southeastern Atlantic Region

Tony Nguyen, ,

Course Developer

Tony Nguyen is the Access and Communications Coordinator for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern/Atlantic Region (NN/LM SEA).