Prescription for Success: Consumer Health on the Web

Course Description

This hands-on introduction to consumer health information will start with concepts related to health literacy and the information-seeking behaviors of consumers. Students will learn the basics of MedlinePlus,, and other reliable health websites from the National Institutes of Health, professional medical associations, and advocacy groups. In additions, the class covers drug information for consumers, drug-interaction databases and herbal information.


Identify selected websites useful for answering consumer's health questions, especially:

  • Disease-specific information
  • Drug information for consumers
  • Herbal Information
  • Health care provider directories

Course Materials

Continuing Education

Upon successful completion of this class, each participant will receive 3 hours of continuing education credit awarded by the Medical Library Association (MLA). This course is on the list of approved courses for the MLA Consumer Health Specialization Program.

Prescription for Success Instructors

Midcontinental Region

Barbara Jones, ,

Pacific Northwest Region

Carolyn Martin, ,

Pacific Southwest Region

Kelli Ham, ,

Southeastern Atlantic Region

Terri Ottosen, ,

Course Developer

Kelli Ham, Consumer Health Librarian, NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region