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Beyond the SEA: Data Science 101: An Introduction for Librarians

The term “big data” is often tossed around in conversations about science, but what does it really mean?

POSTED ON: 01/18/2017

Beyond the SEA: Data Science 101: An Introduction for Librarians

Introduction to the topics, discuss opportunities they provide for librarians to engage with learning at hospital and academic medical centers

POSTED ON: 01/18/2017

Beyond the SEA: Drab to Fab: Making Conference Posters Pop!

This webinar will focus on tips and tools available freely to you to use for enhancing your presentations and adding impact to your message.

POSTED ON: 04/19/2017

Beyond the SEA: Instructional Design: Beyond the Basics

In this webinar, we will explore advanced instructional design skills and settings.

POSTED ON: 10/04/2017

Beyond the SEA: LGBTQ Communities: Your Best Resource to Reduce Health Disparities

You will learn about the importance of understanding local LGBTQ community resources and other non-traditional sources can be the best tool to reduce health disparities.

POSTED ON: 06/07/2018

Beyond the SEA: Partnering to Transform the Care Environment for Transgender and Gender-Expansive Patients

This presentation will review the ever-changing vocabulary around gender identity and expression.

POSTED ON: 04/05/2018