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SEAside Webinar: The Prescription Drug and Heroin Epidemic: A Public Health Response

The presentation concludes with promising examples being implemented in other countries and a discussion of some of the barriers associated with implementing similar approaches in the US.

POSTED ON: 07/12/2018

SEAside Webinar: Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are hot technology topics, but how will these emerging technologies impact education, the medical profession, and industry?

POSTED ON: 04/28/2017

SEAside Webinar: Why Library Partners are Critical to the All of Us Research Program

Why are libraries essential to building a comprehensive educational experience for participants in the All of Us Research program?

POSTED ON: 09/27/2018

SEAside: An Introduction to Data Visualization

This webinar will provide an introduction to data visualization

POSTED ON: 09/25/2017