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SEAside Webinar: Gauging the Quality of Open Access References in PubMed: The MEDLINE, PubMed Central, and PubMed Connection

This session will explore the relationship between MEDLINE, PubMed Central, and PubMed and the implications of questionable citations from potentially predatory journals in PubMed search results.

POSTED ON: 06/21/2018

SEASide Webinar: Getting off the Ground with Graphic Medicine

Engaging panel discussion with librarians experienced in developing Graphic Medicine collections and programming in medical libraries.

POSTED ON: 11/15/2018

SEAside Webinar: Harnessing Human Power for Health: Medical Librarians & Citizen Science

This webinar will provide an overview of citizen science, as well as its variants such as volunteered geographic information, crowdsourcing and patient-led research

POSTED ON: 05/03/2018

SEAside Webinar: Issues in Predatory Publishing - How Can Librarians Lead the Way?

Hear about one librarian's struggle to empower researchers to go forth with their journal submissions without falling prey to opportunistic and predatory publishers.

POSTED ON: 03/16/2018

SEAside Webinar: Preparedness and Response for Public Health Emergencies, the Mission of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response

The presentation will discuss the ASPR mission, the specific capabilities for deployed medical assets and the successful efforts to develop new medical countermeasures against a variety of specific pa

POSTED ON: 09/06/2018