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Evaluation 2.0: Trends, New Ideas, Cool Tools

This webinar focuses on emerging trends in evaluation practice emphasizing interaction and social engagement of stakeholders and also covers tools and methods designed to accommodate this trend.

POSTED ON: 01/22/2015

Evidence-based Public Health Preparedness Information

This session describes ways to locate evidence-based and other high quality information resources essential to public health preparedness and disaster response.

POSTED ON: 06/22/2016

Fifty Shades of Grey Literature: A Primer for Biomedical Librarians

Ahlam Saleh, Arizona Health Sciences Library, Tucson, AZ provides biomedical librarians with an overview of grey literature.

POSTED ON: 08/19/2015

Food for Thought: Exploring Nutrition Information Resources

This class is designed to assist librarians, public health workers, health professionals, and the general public in locating authoritative information on nutrition and topics relating to nutrition.

POSTED ON: 03/18/2019