NLM Resources Update


Explore the latest and greatest from the National Library of Medicine treasure trove of resources! This class focuses on databases such as, Drug Information Portal, Genetic Testing Registry and PubMed. Additional databases and resources will be highlighted as time permits. Attendees will participate either in person or through distance learning via discussions/chats, hands-on exercises and surveys/polls. Objectives Increase the participant’s awareness of NLM resources and databases.


At the conclusion of the class, participants will be able to:

  • Increase their awareness of NLM resources and databases;
  • Describe the function of;
  • Find trials by searching or browsing;
  • Explore DailyMed and the NLM Drug Portal to locate drug information;
  • Explore Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) to find genetic testing information;
  • Become familiar with the NLM Gallery of Mobile Apps and Sites;
  • Explore PubMed’s special features such as Shared My NCBI or LinkOut;
  • Describe when to use various resources and databases.

Course Materials

Continuing Education

Upon successful completion of this class, each participant will receive 3 or 4 hours of continuing education credit awarded by the Medical Library Association. MLA Clearinghouse Record


NLM Resources Update Instructors

Pacific Southwest Region

Kay Deeney, , ,

Course Developer

Kay Deeney, Educational Services Coordinator, NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region