Geeks Bearing Gifts: unwrapping new technology trends


This class, updated in January 2014, is intended to provide a fun, fast-paced, and informative introduction to and update on today’s hottest technology trends. 2014 topics include instruction to emerging technologies, 3D Printing, Wearable Technology, and Gamification.

Program participants will be able to identify technology trends and they will understand how these trends will impact or can be integrated into traditional library services. Content will be presented with a “can-do” focus intended to encourage participants to investigate at least one technology for implementation in their institution. Course structure will include brief vignettes and demonstrations of a wide variety of technologies.


Participants will be able to develop an increased awareness of new and changing technologies understand how new and changing technology affects traditional library services be able to identify ways in which one or more of these technologies would be applicable to their institution

Continuing Education

Approved for 4 hours MLA CE

Course Materials

This class is offered face-to-face and online via our classroom management system, Moodle.

Geeks Bearing Gifts Instructors

Pacific Northwest Region

Adam Garrett, ,

Southeastern Atlantic Region

Tony Nguyen, ,

Update Author

Tony Nguyen, Emerging Technologies/Communications Coordinator, NN/LM, SEA Region

Original Author

J. Dale Prince was Technology Coordinator for the NN/LM, SE/A Region