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Internet Discovery Tools

Selected Internet resources that may be of interest to Health Professionals, Librarians, and Consumers.

Guides to Health Resources

Whole Web Search Tools

  • Ask: Easy-to-use Web searcher.
  • Bing: Easy-to-use Web searcher.
  • Dogpile: Simultaneously searches several other search engines.
  • Duck Duck Go: Anonymous search service
  • Google: Easy-to-use Web searcher.
  • HotBot: Easy-to-use search of the Web and Usenet.
  • IXQuick: Privacy-oriented search service
  • Librarian's Index to the Internet: An annotated subject directory evaluated by librarians.
  • Lycos: Subject guides plus a search tool.
  • Simultaneously searches several other search engines (formerly known as SavvySearch and CNET Metasearch).
  • WebCrawler: A simple search engine.
  • Yahoo: Easy-to-use Web searcher.

Internet Discussion Finders

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Database revised: January 2, 2014.