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SEA Past Classes

Click to open #citeNLM Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Training

#citeNLM Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Training

Learn how to citations to Wikipedia articles on preventive health and wellness using trusted NLM resources

Click to open 1: Introduction to EBP & PICO

1: Introduction to EBP & PICO

Part 1 of 3 pt Series: Introduction to EBP & PICO

Click to open 2: Searching

2: Searching

Locate background and foreground information • Develop effective search strategies in order to find relevant evidence

Click to open 3: Appraisal and Application

3: Appraisal and Application

Appraisal and Application, part 3 of An Introduction to Evidence Based Practice

Click to open A Nursing Liaison's Role in Evidence-Based Practice

A Nursing Liaison's Role in Evidence-Based Practice

The webinar will focus on identifying key roles and strategies librarians can employ to support nurses in applying evidence-based practice to patient care.

Click to open Are you podcasting?

Are you podcasting?

This moderated webinar is an example of how two students found a unique outlet to cope with the high-intensity onslaught of medical education.