National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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Professional Development

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine Southeastern/Atlantic (NNLM SEA) is pleased to offer many professional development resources and opportunities for librarians, health professionals, public health workers, and consumers. Please feel free to explore our menu for more information on available classes, upcoming training opportunities, educational materials, and resource Guides.

Just like our Members, SEA coordinators are actively involved in professional development. Check out our training calendar to see our current activities, including site visits, classes and exhibits. You can also use the calendar as a tool to view upcoming trainings!

The NNLM SEA offers a monthly webinar series, and a variety of individual courses that are available online, or in-person by request. Whether you are a public librarian, K-12 educator, or seeking assistance on grants and proposal writing, we most certainly have a course that would broaden your professional horizons. In addition to classes taught by SEA coordinators. Members in the Southeastern/Atlantic Region also have access to select courses offered by other regions in the Network, as well as those taught by the NNLM Training Office (NTO) and Evaluation office (NEO). Please see our Classes page for a full list of courses available to the Middle Atlantic Region, or browse our Training Schedule to see a list of upcoming sessions.

Request Training

NNLM SEA staff provide no-cost training sessions on health information resources, with an emphasis on free resources from the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Outreach Resource Guides

The NNLM SEA is dedicated to helping Members utilize the wealth of biomedical information that is available online, especially those resources produced by the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. Our Resource Guides are developed and maintained by RML staff, to provide specific resources for targeted audiences or highlight specific topics. These are comprehensive reference tools to help you explore the avenues in which you can access health information, locate free materials, and incorporate NLM resources into your curriculum or programming. To see a full list of Guides from the Southeastern/Atlantic Region, click "Outreach Resource Guides" in your sidebar navigation.

Informational & Print Materials

Network Members from the Southeastern/Atlantic Region can order free educational and print materials from NNLM. Please view our Informational & Print Materials page for a full list of available brochures, cards, and more.