Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery Resources for the Southeastern/Atlantic Region

To help mitigate the impact of disasters on healthcare providers and their patients, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) has developed and oversees an emergency preparedness and response plan to help Network members maintain their information services in the event of a disaster.

410-706-2855 is the Emergency Assistance Number and will connect you to the Southeastern/Atlantic Regional Medical Library. Call this number whenever disaster strikes and your local resources/plans are unable to keep your core services available, so we can help implement the response plan!

NLM Resources

State Resources

Each of our state and regional pages has specific information about emergency resources. 

Additional Materials

Disaster Plan Templates/Samples

  • dPlan is perfect for small and medium-sized institutions that do not have in-house preservation staff. dPlan is also valuable for large library systems or museum campuses that need to develop separate but related plans for multiple buildings, locations, or branches.” (Northeast Document Conservation Center)
  • Pocket Response Plan (PReP)™- an accompaniment to a disaster plan, “The Pocket Response Plan (PReP) is a concise document for recording essential information needed by staff in case of a disaster. Every person having a response-related assignment should carry a PReP with them at all times. 

What You Can Do

The effectiveness of the plan depends on the participation of a range of players, from individual Network members, through the eight Regional Medical Library (RML) offices, to the National Library of Medicine (NLM). The structure is designed to provide a game plan that starts with preparedness and continues through emergency response.

Initially, the plan will focus on hospital and academic medical center libraries to assist them to develop emergency response/disaster plans suitable to their environments. The RML will also facilitate having Network member libraries establish back-up relationships with libraries who can help maintain services during a disaster. Participating libraries are strongly encouraged to develop a Memorandum of Understanding with their back-up library that specifies what services will be provided and how the relationship will function.

Emergency response planning presents a strategy for communicating among Network members and the RML office before and during and emergency. There are strategies for providing essential services among Network members (based on the preparedness plans), as well as assigning responsibility for follow-up and reporting of each incident or emergency.

Resources that support all aspects of this plan are linked from the Emergency Preparedness and Response Toolkit.

Misc. Resources

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