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Share Your Success: iPads and EMS at Tallahassee Community College

Thanks to an Emerging Technologies grant from NN/LM, the Ghazvini  Library was able to obtain 10 iPads.  Beginning in the upcoming spring semester, the EMS faculty and I will be using the iPads with our paramedic students in ways that will highlight NLM resources while enhancing their educational experience.

The centerpiece of this will be a “tabletop” hazmat activity using NLM’s WISER app.  The students will work in small groups in different rooms and they will have to deal with a mock chemical spill.  Using WISER they will learn information about the chemical, determine the area that could be affected by the spill, and coordinate their efforts.  The exercise will not only develop their information searching skills using the iPads, but it will develop skills for working as a team in a crisis.

We plan on using other NLM mobile resources for other areas within the paramedic curriculum, such as their lessons on drugs and on HIV/AIDS, and anticipate that as students are engaged with the iPad activities, they will see the value of both the tablets and the NLM apps when they start working in the field.

Gregg Stevens
Ghazvini Center for Healthcare Education
Tallahassee Community College
Tallahassee, FL 32304

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Last updated on Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016

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