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August 2018 Topic

As a Library Director, what are the top 3 challenges that keep you awake at night?


  • Repurposing Positions
    • Supporting user needs with a (limited) staff
    • Sustainable positions for the future of the library
    • Distributing workload across the library
    • Staffing – changes in staffing due to purpose and need of organization.
  • Requesting & Justifying Value-Added Services by Adding New Staff
    • Administration is fine with status quo
  • Locating and Retaining Talent
  • Staff Burnout
  • Resolving Conflict and Managing Difficult Conversations


  • Unsustainability of Collections Pricing
    • Raising Costs of Existing Products
    • Break Up Packages
    • New Unaffordable Publisher Products
  • Stagnating Budgets
  • State Support for Higher Education - impacting budget and organizational support.
  • Budgetary limitations due to low enrollment within the institution


  • Creating/Sustaining a Positive Work Culture
  • Space design
  • Justifying Renovations for Value-Added Services
    • No resources to support renovation
  • Weeding Collections to Repurpose Space for Users
    • Maintaining relevance when “traditional” space is no longer visible.

Other Restless Nights

  • Keeping Up-to-Date
    • Technology Trends to Benefit Users
  • Showing Library’s Relevance to Stakeholders
  • Project Management Support
  • Developing Programming that Interests Users
  • Learn everything they need to learn to be successful.
  • Merging with University Library System – New procedures
  • Overall Capacity – Lots of interesting activities that increase new/other needs. Due to need, need new staff to support projects with expertise library is recognized for.