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SEA Insights: Discussion with Library Directors

SEA Insights: Discussion with Library Directors is a bi-monthly opportunity where NNLM SEA can field specific topics and tap into the collective wisdom of the 36 Resource Library Directors throughout the region. Today, “resources” come in different shapes and sizes – staff, education and training expertise, leadership, outreach, and more!
Engaging with Resource Libraries are integral in supporting the outreach, exhibits, awards, and staff development of the region. These conversations provides NNLM SEA an opportunity to advance the awards and projects to support resource libraries that are relevant and useful and advance the work of the region and profession.
Topics may be related to funding, education, a NLM or NNLM initiative, or other various topics of interest. Directors are given an opportunity to respond to the topic via phone, e-mail, padlet, or participate in a webinar.
These reports summarize the feedback provided from our Resource Library Directors.