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December 2018 Topic

NNLM has a number of initiatives that we support. Would your institution apply for funding related to one of these initiatives?
5 - Citizen Science
3 - LIS Programs
4 - NIH HEAL / Substance Misuse and Addiction
8 - Data Science / Research Data Management
3 - Health Information Outreach to Public Libraries
4 - All of Us Community Engagement
As we plan the funding opportunities for Year 4, what award category/type/project area would you like to see supported in the region?

  • Data Science, any of the outreach awards, including citizen science!
  • Data Science
  • Partnerships with public libraries, grants to facilitate new projects and/or new CE.
  • Education to keep up with emerging technologies, innovations using technology
  • The awards are never enough to make it worthwhile. Our library has been in a staff reduction mode for so long that we've had to give up a great deal over the years. Since the funding never covers the cost and the institution doesn't get much of the indirect cost (and we are always short handed), it just hasn't made sense. Also, our institution doesn't give us any "brownie points".
  • Assistance with Professional Development within the Region
  • Support in Library Promotion and Professional Development