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What is Advocacy? 

It is an on-going process of building partnerships so that others will act for and with you, turning passive support into educated action for the library program. It begins with a vision and a plan for the library program that is then matched to the agenda and priorities of stakeholders.

- American Association of School Librarians (Advocacy Committee)

Educational Offerings at the SEA

Grant and Proposal Writing

Tools and Downloadable Resources

Calculators - maintained by NNLM Mid-Continental Regions (MCR)

  • Cost Benefit and ROI Calculator: business calculator examining cost benefits and the return on investment
  • Valuing Library Services Calculator: business calculator focusing on the value of library resources and services




Research on Library Value

  • Value of Library and Information Services in Patient Care Study - This research repeats the pivotal Rochester Study and was planned and coordinated through the Middle Atlantic Region of the NN/LM around 2009.

Other Resources

  • Advocacy - Maintained by the Medical Library Association (MLA)
  • Advocacy - Maintained by the Public Library Association (PLA)
  • I Love Libraries - Supporting one of our nation's most important resources - An initiative of the American Library Association (ALA)
  • Library Advocacy Resources- Libraries will find documents and videos which have been collected to help aid in advocacy efforts - Maintained by SELCO: Southeastern Libraries Cooperating

Planning and Evaluation

Information can be found at the SEA Planning and Evaluation Methods/Grant and Proposal Writing page.