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Minutes - February 16, 2018

Meeting Minutes
February 16, 2018

Meeting came to order at 2 PM ET

PAC Member Attendees: JP Corneya, Emma Heet, Kathy Davies, Barrie Hayes
                Non-Attendees: Suzanne Duncan, Michele Tennant

Introductions: All members of the PAC introduced themselves to the group. Tony introduced the two PAC members not in attendance.

Data Management PAC Charge: Tony introduced members to the SEA Data Management Member Charge and Responsibilities
Actions: Tony will coordinate and schedule PAC meetings – minutes will be posted on the SEA website.

Review of NNLM Data Portal

  • Looked at RD3 Data Portal
  • Library roles in data science
  • Fundamentals of domain sciences
  • Emerging trends in scientific research
  • Acknowledgements page
  • Added subject primers

Actions: Asked PAC to see if there should be any additions or considerations to be added to the website, including regional programming. Also asked if they would like to share or recommend those with expertise to contribute to any section as well. Communicate information to Tony so that he will forward to portal managers.

Review of NNLM Educational Programming:
Discussed the 3 main classes offered by NNLM aside from single session webinars:

  • Big Data in Healthcare: Exploring Emerging Roles
  • Cool Creative Communications: Dazzling Data Visualization
  • Research Data Management for Librarians (Discussed possibility of continuation of course)

Action: Tony to investigate continuations of the RDM for Librarians course.

Changes to NNLM Website Education Page: Filter added for course listing that includes Data Management filter for users in the Education Course Listing

Education for Year 3:

  • NNLM RDM Webinar Series
  • NNLM Journal Club – Include article on RDM for discussion
  • Continuation of Cool Creative Communications specific to Infographics
  • Investigation of a RDM Information Specialization with MLA

Action - Would like speakers for RDM Webinar Speakers – Suggestions appreciated from PAC

Funding for Year 2 & 3: Discussed awards provided in Year 2 to institutions for a Data Catalog Award (UMB, UNC, Chapel Hill, UVA, and Duke)

Actions - Award announcements for Year 3 to be made soon. PAC will be asked to evaluate award applications when application period is closed.

Wrap-Up: Next meeting may be scheduled in April/May to assist with review of award applications. Meeting adjourned at 2:24 pm.

Actions - Tony will send a poll to determine member availability and schedule the next meeting. Ask PAC members to keep SEA informed of Data needs or activities to share within the region.