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NNLM SEA Funded Projects Guide

Activity Reports

You will enter into activities related to your project proposal. This includes:

  • Awareness & Promotion
    • Demos
    • Exhibits/Health Fairs
    • Poster Sessions
    • Other Promotional Activities
  • Training, Career Development, & Education
    • Career Development
    • Classes / Courses/ Trainings / Workshops
    • Lectures
    • Panels
    • Presentations
    • Symposia
    • Webinars
  • Persistent User Engagement & Partnerships
    • Focus Groups
    • Technology
    • User Feedback / Needs Assessment

    Project Outcomes

    The NNLM collaborated with the Public Library Association Project Outcomes, a performance measurement toolkit to include the addition of standardized health surveys, to better measure and demonstrate the impact of public libraries’ health programming and services on their communities and beyond. If you are a library interested in participating, please contact the coordinator monitoring your project for details. 


    The NNLM Data Reporting System (DRS)

    Before Beginning

    Contact the NNLM SEA Coordinator assigned to monitor your project with the NNLM Account (Username/E-mail Address) that will enter your project Activity and Final Reports. Accounts can be created for free.

    Note: If there are multiple people who will enter reports for your project, please speak with the coordinator assigned to your project to discuss the best options.

    Contact the NNLM SEA if you are unsure of who is assigned to your project. 

    Activity Report Resources

    Outstanding Activity Reports

    If you have any outstanding activities to report, please contact the coordinator assigned to monitor your project.

    • For in-person training, an optional form may be printed out for attendees to complete. Fill out the sections in red before printing.
    • For online, please follow the NNLM Evaluation Office instructions.

    Mid-Year Project Report Update

    In addition to Activity Reports, a mid-year progress report must be submitted to your SEA coordinator. This report is a brief summary of progress made towards meeting the goals and objectives to date. Your Mid-year Project Report must be submitted by November 30. There are two ways to submit your report: