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Informational and Printed Materials

The NNLM SEA has a limited amount of NLM and Libraries Transform banners for loan to use for events/exhibits.

All exhibits backdrop loans are based on availability.  Our offices will contact you if the  backdrop is not available for the dates requested.  We also request that all exhibits backdrops be returned to our offices promptly after the exhibit is completed. Our offices will also provide you with return shipping information when you receive the backdrop.

Libraries Transform - Table Top Banners 11"x17" - Catalog/Order Form

  • Because Anyone Can be a Citizen Scientist
  • Because Health Care Isn't One Size Fits All
  • Because Health and Education Go Hand in Hand
  • Because Information Can Help Prevent Chronic Diseases
  • Because Knowledge is the Key Ingredient in Nutrition
  • Because Language Shouldn't Be a Barrier to Health
  • Because Libraries are Partners in a Healthy Community
  • Because Libraries Can Help You Keep Your Family Healthy
  • Because Librarians Can Lead You On The Path To Health Aging
  • Because Quality Information Helps You Make Better Health Decisions
  • Because Your Family History Matters

Libraries Transform - Large Pull Up Banners 33"x79" - Catalog/Order Form

  • Because An Informed Community is a Healthier Community
  • Because Language Shouldn’t Be a Barrier to Health
  • Because Libraries Are Partners In A Health Community
  • Because Rare Diseases Are More Common Than You Think

NLM Products and Services Large Pull Up Banners 34"x81" - Catalog/Order Form

  • NLM and Trusted Health Information/African American Parent with Child
  • NLM and Trusted Health Information/Asian American Mother and Daughter
  • NLM and Trusted Health Information/E-Science
  • NLM and Trusted Health Information/Genetics
  • NLM and Trusted Health Information/PubMed,, GenBank, etc.
  • Trusted Health Information/PubMed, Clinical/, GenBank, etc.