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Selection Criteria for Health Information Outreach Award

  1. Significance
    • The proposed project will significantly increase access to biomedical and health information to the target population
  2. Target Population/Evidence of Need
    • Demographic information that supports the need for the project is provided.
    • A description of information resources or services currently available, what are needed and any relevant barriers to information access is provided.
    • Known needs assessments, formal or otherwise, any relevant statistics or literature that supports the need are identified.
  3. Methodology/Objectives
    • Goals and objectives are clear and reasonable.
    • Detailed objectives about what will be done (outputs) and outcome-based objectives that specify what will happen or change as a result are provided.
    • A rationale for the plan and relationship to comparable work elsewhere is provided.Objectives are tied to the mission of the NNLM.
  4. Promotion Plan
    • A detailed plan for promoting the project to the targeted audience or community is provided.
  5. Evaluation Plan
    • The evaluation plan is tied to the goals and objectives and describes how the success of the project will be measured and the methods to be used to measure that success. 
    • There is a measures of success for each objective.  Output/process objectives are usually measured quantitatively.  Outcome measures may be quantitative or qualitative.
    • There is a plan to collect the required information for projects involving training, exhibiting/health fairs, technology improvement, or professional development.  The plan explains how and when the NN/LM forms will be used to collect the information.   **NOTE: Refer to the NNLM Evaluation Office’s NNLM Evaluation Materials web page for the type of information required to be submitted. 
  6. Sustainability/Continuation Plan
    • Activities that will continue project services to the target population or the institution's intent to maintain communication or service to the target population beyond the funding period is reasonable.
  7. Personnel/Qualifications
    • A list of project personnel, briefly describing their time commitments for this project, roles in this project and applicable experience to their project responsibilities is provided and supports the proposed project. (Resumes may be requested during consideration of the application.)
  8. Institutional Support
    • There are clear indications that the host institution supports the project: commitment from supervisors, staff time, resources, etc. Letters of commitment may be requested from the host institution.
    • Partner organizations are aware of the project and are willing to participate. Letters of support may be requested.
    • Applicants should indicate if technology support will be provided internally or by an external department. Letters of support for external support may be requested.
  9. Training (optional)
    • Training in NLM products is included.
    • Measures of success are clearly indicated.​
  10. Budget
    • The budget is well justified to meet the goals of the project. Consider modifications that could be made to economize without jeopardizing the project.