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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Express Outreach Project Award 562 - East Carolina University, Laupus Library

Funding will provide iPads used to augment current classes educating the public on finding reliable health information online and also to educate nurses and other health professionals about reliabl

Express Outreach Project Award 577 - YMCA of Central Florida, Inc.

Funding will provide 3 computer workstations to be installed in 3 YMCA locations in underserved areas.

Express Outreach Project Award 578 - South Central Educational Development, Inc.

Funding will allow SCED to build on their successful CORDS project which provided training on finding reliable health information online and increasing health literacy - allowing SCED to create edu

Express Outreach Project Award 583 - University of South Carolina School of Medicine Library


Express Outreach Project Award 594 - Georgia Regents University, Robert B Greenblatt Library

Funding will provide a desktop computer in a common room in a Ronald McDonald House that, until this funding, did not have a health information center for the families of the admitted children.

Express Outreach Project Award 613 - Life University, Library

Funding will enhance the existing Safe Space program at Life University - an outreach program for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning members of the college community to a

Express Outreach Project Award 709 - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Create a model group study room with interactive technology, presentation support, and team learning facilitation resources.

Express Planning and Assessment Award 599 - Virginia Commonwealth University

Plans to update the Improving Information Access for Virginia Health Providers: Website Assessment Project which served the needs of various healthcare providers in the state of VA was created with

Express Planning and Assessment Award 606 - Robert B. Greenblatt, M.D. Library, Georgia Regents University

Georgia Regents University plans to schedule interviews throughout the state of Georgia with Dental Preceptors to gain knowledge about the programs and knowledge of evidence-based resources on dent

Express Planning and Assessment Award 624 - Johns Hopkins University, William H. Welch Medical Library

Conduct a community assessment and identify student and family health literacy needs and interest in future health literacy initiatives via environmental scans, focus groups, and group surveys of b

Health Literacy Pilot Project Award 563 - University of South Alabama

In partnership with the USA Children's and Women's Hospital, the plan is to develop a NICU Family Resource Center that will have available iPad stations for preemie health information nee

Health Literacy Pilot Project Award 573 - University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine

The project includes a needs assessment survey and training of University of Tennessee Medical Center personnel (nurses, administration, doctors (including residents and fellows), and pharmacists)

Health Literacy Pilot Project Award 591 - Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

This project is designed to meet with patients in the Cardiology Clinic of varying socioeconomic status and ages with heart issues.

Health Literacy Pilot Project Award 609 - Georgia Regents University, Robert B. Greenblatt, M.D. Library

Assist low health literacy populations on how to find good information and how to talk to their health care professionals will help improve outcomes for this population.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine Southeastern/Atlantic Region 2011-2016

The University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library will serve as the Regional Medical Library for the 2011-2016 NN/LM contract.


? Meet with librarians and hospital representatives from hospitals that currently don?t purchase resources through the Group Licensing Initiative. ?

Outreach Project 530 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Health Sciences Library


Outreach Project 533 - Literacy Council of Montgomery County

Literacy skills are the strongest predictor of an individual's health status - more than age, income, education level, employment status or racial or ethnic group.

State or Regional Exhibiting Award 535 -

Exhibit at the Terp Expo, February 26-March 1, 2015 in Linthicum, MD.

State or Regional Exhibiting Award 536 -

Exhibit at DeafNation Expo March 21, 2015 in Orlando, FL. Average attendance of 5,000 of deaf individuals and professionals that serve the deaf and hard of hearing communities.