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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Express Digitization And Conservation Award 569 - University of Central Florida College of Medicine

The goal of this project is to make physical objects from the University of Central Florida College of Medicine?s (UCF COM) History of Medicine collection accessible to patrons of the Harriet F.

Express Digitization And Conservation Award 581 - Georgetown University, National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health

This project will digitize documents of the William McConway Hiscock Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) Program Collection (the Medicaid program that provides services t

Express Hospital Library Promotion Award 572 - Saint Thomas Health

Plan to develop and implement DiscoverIt@SaintThomasHealth, a project designed to promote and provide library services to meet user needs.

Express Hospital Library Promotion Award 714 - Shepherd Center, Noble Learning Resource Center

The Noble Learning Resource Center (NLRC) at Shepherd Center has a solo librarian that will increase visibility of the library and its resources by developing brochures for new employees, develop a

Express Library Technology Improvement Award 571 - Lenoir Memorial Hospital

Funding will provide 10 iPads with WiFi to upgrade the John R. Hooten Resource Center in the hospital, which is in a prime location for access by patients, families and hospital staff.

Express Library Technology Improvement Award 580 - Nova Southeastern University, Health Professions Division Library

Funding will provide a 3-D printer and accessories for the Health Professions Divisions library where students, faculty and librarians can utilize 3-D technology to aid in their studies, research,

Express Library Technology Improvement Award 582 - Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Memphis

Funding will provide 5 desktop computers for a new Veteran Health Education Resource Center in the VA hospital.

Express Library Technology Improvement Award 585 - Baptist Health South Florida

Funding will equip the hospital network's Mobile Access Project with 10 iPads to be used by health professionals as well as patients and their families.

Express Library Technology Improvement Award 588 ? G.V. Montgomery VA Medical Center

? Digitize MS historical texts to make more readily available. ? Teach online digital research to clinical medical staff

Express Mobile Technology Award 579 - Vidant Roanoke-Chowan Hospital

Funding will cover the purchase of 11 iPads which will be made available to key units/departments in the hospital to increase accessibility to health education resources for staff as well as patien

Express Outreach Follow Up Award 612 - Greenwood Leflore Hospital

Funding will allow the current project to continue with equipment upgrades and expansion of services.

Express Outreach Follow-Up Award 546 - P.I.Advocates International, Inc.

Funding will allow the Health Information Computer Access Training project to continue with stipends paid to health educators who will provide 22 health literacy sessions focused on MedlinePlus in

Express Outreach Follow-Up Award 549 - MaFlo's Health and Awareness Team

Funding will allow MaFlo's to continue and expand their outreach project to teens and seniors in the community, utilizing laptops and tablets.

Express Outreach Follow-Up Award 570 - Restored Generation, Inc.

Funding will allow the Healthier Youth project to continue and expand it's reach to more African-American faith-based organizations, providing 20 training sessions throughout a larger radius a

Express Outreach Project 445 - Johns Hopkins University, Welch Medical Library

This project contains five main objectives: to provide HINARI training to Baltimore area students, researchers and librarians; to develop an online version of three HINARI course assessments using

Express Outreach Project 709 - University of Alabama Birmingham

The overall objective for this renovation project is to address current and future health professions and biomedical research information and technology support needs in the library.

Express Outreach Project Award 562 - East Carolina University, Laupus Library

Funding will provide iPads used to augment current classes educating the public on finding reliable health information online and also to educate nurses and other health professionals about reliabl

Express Outreach Project Award 577 - YMCA of Central Florida, Inc.

Funding will provide 3 computer workstations to be installed in 3 YMCA locations in underserved areas.

Express Outreach Project Award 578 - South Central Educational Development, Inc.

Funding will allow SCED to build on their successful CORDS project which provided training on finding reliable health information online and increasing health literacy - allowing SCED to create edu

Express Outreach Project Award 583 - University of South Carolina School of Medicine Library