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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Health Information Outreach Award 115: ?TORDS?- Technology Outreach to Reduce health Disparities and Stigma

McDowell Cares- is a non-profit/profit collaboration in the Town of Northfork, McDowell County, West Virginia.

Health Information Outreach Award 116: Community-Based Interventions and Partnership to Improve Health Literacy

This proposal describes Phase 2 of a two-phase health literacy program in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Health Information Outreach Award 118: MaFlo's Health and Awareness Team Internet/Computer Training

The project that we want to do will be teaching Participants how to use the Internet/Computer to find reliable health information online using the MedlinePlus.gov and NN/LM SE/A websites.

Health Information Outreach Award 3

PIA will provide hands on PowerPoint computer training designed to improve the general public's' access to web based health information to enable them to make informed decisions about the

Health Information Outreach Award 30

This project will increase access to health information by improving the health literacy attributes of The University of Tennessee Medical Center (UTMC).

Health Information Outreach Award 35

The goal of this project is to improve middle and high school students' ability to locate and evaluate health information, including online resources using iPads within Hertford County Public

Health Information Outreach Award 43

The University of Florida (UF) Health Science Center Libraries' (HSCL) Health Information Outreach project will bring health information resources & literacy skills training to librarians,

Health Information Outreach Award 45

In cooperation with the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home in Augusta, Georgia, the ?Assessing the Health Information Seeking Behaviors and Needs of Nurses in Skilled Nursing Facilities' projec

Health Information Outreach Award 48

The Community Health Education Center (CHEC) is a library for patients and their family members located in a large academic medical center.

Health Information Outreach Award 50

Dahlgren Memorial Library (DML), the Graduate Health & Life Sciences Research Library at Georgetown University Medical Center provides library and information services to faculty, staff and stu

Health Information Outreach Award 58

We plan to support a partnership initiative of the Clayton State University Primary Health Clinic which is designed to increase access to care for the underserved and to increase the amount of prim

Health Information Outreach Award 65

Federal mandates as well as standards outlined by the Joint Commission regarding the provision of adequate care to Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients require that University of Virginia (UV

Health Information Outreach Award 71

Wayne Memorial Hospital (WMH) conducts monthly community health education outreach programs called ?LIVE WELL.?

Health Information Outreach Award 72

Key to well-being and health is access to authoritative and comprehensible health information.

Health Information Outreach Award 74

The use of institutional repositories is becoming more common in health care universities.

Health Information Outreach Award 75

This a pilot project to develop curriculum to teach current and future healthcare professionals how to address patient needs throughout the state of Georgia with health literacy in mind.

Health Information Outreach Award 77

PIA will provide hands on PowerPoint computer training workshops designed to improve the accessibility to web based health information and health resources using medlineplus.gov.

Health Information Outreach Award 78

The number of health science librarians in Georgia has slowly decreased over the past decade which has been reflected in the membership of both the Georgia Health Sciences Library Association (GHSL

Health Information Outreach Award 91: Orlando Health Literacy

Orlando Health Literacy will be the title of an ongoing health literacy campaign for the patients and families/caregivers of all Orlando Health hospitals and satellite facilities.

Medical Library Project 101: Health Literacy Summit

Low health literacy affects people of any age, income, race or background, and it puts an estimated 90 million Americans at risk.