Express Mobile Technology Pilot Project Awards

The NN/LM Southeastern/Atlantic (SE/A), as part of its outreach program, is accepting applications for projects to be conducted by network members in support of the NN/LM mission and goals.

The goals of the express mobile technology award are:

  • to improve or showcase the use of hand-held devices to enhance information access
  • create new avenues to deliver information
  • introduce NLM mobile products to health professionals

The following populations may be the target for outreach in the SE/A region (this list is not meant to be all-inclusive):

  • Underserved, minority or unaffiliated health professionals
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Public health workers
  • Rural health practitioners
  • Physician assistants
  • Emergency responders
  • State associations working with unaffiliated health practitioners members such as those named above
  • Health practitioners working in faith groups such as parish nurses
  • Health consumers

Funded Projects May 2006-April 2011

Belton Emergency Medical Services
The Belton Emergency Medical Services team will provide the Health Information Campaign to community members. Outreach staff will purchase of equipment to enable the delivery of "just in time" information to community members when they are experiencing an illness or health problem.
July 1, 2010 - April 30, 2011

East Tennessee State University
The Quillen Medical School Library will undertake the Expanding the Cancer Workforce: Partnering with the Clergy project. The objectives of the project are to identify elements of a cancer curriculum for preachers including NLM/NIH databases and resources, develop learning modules to install on computer tablets, pilot use of the tablets with a cluster of community preachers and evaluate changes in knowledge and sense of communication with medical professionals. Clergy from multiple denominations throughout the central Appalachian region will be selected to participate.
July 1, 2010 - April 30, 2011

Medical University of South Carolina
The MUSC library staff will initiate the Mobile Med: A study of the usage of the iPad in a clinical, community and campus setting project. The staff will work with the Pediatrics Department, Hands on Health Outreach efforts and MUSC campus during the course of the project to provide training on medical applications and resources.
July 1, 2010 - April 30, 2011