Express Outreach Awards

The express outreach award is an award to introduce Network members to outreach. It can be used for small, manageable projects, such as: to improve the use of information by health professionals and the public without adequate access to library or information services; to build partnerships between network members and community organizations; or foster local health information expertise in the community or promote awareness of NLM products or services to a targeted population.

The award can be used to provide:

Training for CBOs, consumer groups, minority groups, or other identified target populations.  Available to all network members. Funds the development and teaching of a series of classes to target population. Must develop at least one class and teach up to 5 classes. Funds cover personnel costs to develop and teach up to 5 classes, reproduction of class materials, travel. 

Small outreach project directed at improving access to information for unaffiliated health professionals, the public health workforce, minority health professionals or those serving minority or at risk populations. Funds can be used to implement a series of training sessions directed at local medical, nursing, or other professional associations, or it can be used to promote library services to non-staff members via open houses, invited speaker series, and advertisement campaigns.

Promote/enhance connectivity. To enhance connectivity of Network members, or Network members working with local agencies, who have an established need for a computer with a network card to access an established T1 line, a fax machine for document delivery, a year’s worth of high speed internet access, etc—may apply online, using an abbreviated form, for funds toward improving connectivity.