National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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Selection Criteria for Exhibitor Award Applications

  1. Significance
    • The proposed project will significantly increase access to biomedical and health information and further the goals of the NN/LM and NLM.
  2. Target Population
    • Information that supports the need for the project is provided.
    • Target population is one of the preferred populations or may benefit from access to professional biomedical literature or consumer-oriented health information.
  3. Exhibit Plan/Inclusion of NLM Resources
    • A description of information resources including NLM products is provided.
  4. Personnel/Qualifications
    • A list of exhibit personnel briefly describing their qualifications to present the NLM resources (Resumes may be requested during consideration of the application.)
  5. Meeting Participation (optional)
    • Exhibitors are participating in the meeting, presenting or training about health information, with preference given to topics that include NLM information resources
  6. Evaluation Plan
    • The evaluation plan is tied to purpose of the award.
    • Specific measures of success are indicated.
    • There is a plan to collect the required information for projects involving training, exhibiting/health fairs, technology improvement, or professional development.  The plan explains how and when the NNLM forms will be used to collect the information.   **NOTE: Refer to the NN/LM Evaluation Office’s NNLM Evaluation Materials web page for the type of information required to be submitted.
  7. Budget
    • The budget is well justified to meet the goals of the project. Consider modifications that could be made to economize without jeopardizing the project