Ashley Cuffia, MLS

NN/LM DOCLINE Coordination Office (NDCO)

Phone: 410-706-4173


Ashley is responsible for managing the DOCLINE services for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Professional Interests:

Ashley worked for four years at the University of Maryland Baltimore Health Sciences and Human Service library reference desk before coming to work for the RML.


Ashley has a Bachelors degree in History and Political Science from Frostburg State University. She also just earned a second Bachelors degree in Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland University College and has a Masters Degree in Library Sciences from the University of Maryland College Park..

Just for Fun:

Ashley can make each of her eyes move individually, has a large encyclopedia of random, useless knowledge locked away in her brain and is a lifetime member of Alpha Phi Omega, the co/ed community service fraternity.