Ashley Cuffia, B.A., B.S.

DOCLINE/Library Associate

Phone: 410-706-2855 or 1-800-338-7657 (choice #1 on menu)


Ashley is the first voice you hear when calling the RML and manages the shipping of materials that you request. Ashley is in charge of managing the travel for the coordinators and putting together the materials for the classes that they will be teaching or assembling the exhibits they will be working with. She is the first contact that you will get with DOCLINE in the region, she takes care of issues that you have, works with new members and answers routing and lonesome doc questions that you may have.

Professional Interests:

Ashley worked for four years at the University of Maryland Baltimore Health Sciences and Human Service library reference desk before coming to work for the RML.


Ashley has a Bachelors degree in History and Political Science from Frostburg State University. She also just earned a second Bachelors degree in Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland University College and is now working on Masters Degree in Library Sciences at the University of Maryland College Park..

Just for Fun:

Ashley can make each of her eyes move individually, has a large encyclopedia of random, useless knowledge locked away in her brain and is a lifetime member of Alpha Phi Omega, the co/ed community service fraternity.