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NNLM SCR Presentations

The following presentations and instructional materials were created by NNLM staff and subcontractors or by guest presenters. This material can be freely reproduced and adapted.

ToxWorld: Free Environmental Science Resources for Tribal College Libraries, Tribal Libraries, and American Indian Studies Programs 
Recorded Webinar, January 13, 2015

Making & Innovating in Libraries: Thoughts from the Front Lines (SlideShare) with guest speaker Tara Tadniecki
November 17, 2014 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Getting MOOC'ed: Taking Online Training From Many to Massive
Presentation for Internet Librarian Conference, October 27, 2014

Health Information and Online Privacy for You and Your Organization
July 16, 2014 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

June 18, 2014 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Health Information and Online Privacy at Your Library
Presentation for OCLC WebJunction

Evidence Based Public Health (EBPH)
April 16, 2014 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

SXSW Interactive 2014 Recap from a Medical Librarian's View
Presentation for ACRL University Libraries Section

SXSW 2014 Round-up
March 26, 2014

Ways to Search and Interpret Studies with Results from
March 19, 2014 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Off the Shelf: Free Classroom Resources from the National Library of Medicine
February 19, 2014 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Right on the Money: 2014 NNLM SCR Funding Opportunities
January 15, 2014 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

3D Printing and Medical Libraries (SlideShare) with guest speakers Patricia Anderson and Kimberley Barker
Additional Materials
Implementations of a 3D Printer
December 18, 2013 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Healthy Beginnings: Information Resources for Maternal and Infant Health
Webinar Recording 
December 3, 2013 Webinar Presentation for Public Health Professionals

SCR CONNECTions Questions
Chat Transcript
Mobile Technology LibGuides and Resources mentioned in SCR CONNECTions Chat
Mobile Devices and Apps in Education (SlideShare) with guest speaker Rebecca K. Miller
September 18, 2013 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

The Role of Libraries in the Affordable Care Act
September 10, 2013 Webinar Presentation for Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Video Creation: Tools and Tips
August 21, 2013 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Systematic Reviews and More @ PubMed Health
with guest speaker Hilda Bastain
July 17, 2013 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

New Trends and Emerging Technologies
July 11, 2013 Disaster Info Specialist Program Webinar Presentation

The Ambulance-Riding Librarian: How Embedded Informationists Help the Responder Community
with guest speaker Kacy Allgood
June 19, 2013 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

NLM Updates from MLA
May 15, 2013 SCR CONNECTions Presentation
Once Upon a Time: Using Evaluation Findings to Tell Your Project's Story with guest speaker Cindy Olney

Using Sparklines
April 17, 2013 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

NIH's Public Access Policy: Getting Involved & Getting Compliant
with guest speaker Susan Steelman
March 20, 2013 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Nutrition Information Resources
January 16, 2013 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

List of Recommended Resources
American Indian Health Information Resources
November 14, 2012 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Web Presence on a Shoestring
September 19, 2012 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Locating Health Statistics:It May be Easier than You Think!
August 15, 2012 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

No More Yawning: Simple Presentation Tips to Engage Your Audience

July 18, 2012 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Poster Checklist
So Your Poster Got Accepted–Now What? with guest speaker Tracy Volz

Presenting Your Poster
April 11, 2012 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Spring is in the Air: Get Ready with help from the NLM Disaster Information Management Research Center
with Siobhan Champ-Blackwell
March 21, 2012 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

MedlinePlus Connect: Linking Health IT Systems, EHRs and Patient Portals to Reliable Health Information
with guest speaker Loren Frant
February 15, 2012 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Unwrapping Mobile Technology Trends for the New Year
December 14, 2011 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Refugee Health
November 16, 2011 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Senior Moments: Health Information for Older Adults
September 21, 2011 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Show Me the Money: NNLM SCR Funding
September 7, 2011 Online Presentation

How to Distribute Questionnaires
Letters for Questionnaires
Increasing Response Rate with Cindy Olney
August 2011 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Questionnaire Design with Susan Barnes
Tips For Writing Good Questions
July 2011 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Birds Do It, Bees Do It, and You Know You Get Questions About It: Sexual Health Resources Handout
April 2011 Texas Library Association Conference

Presentations for Librarians Resources 
Simple Rules for Great Presentations with Lee Hilyer
Opening the NLM Toybox: K-12 Resources
March 2011 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

NLM Toybox Resources Weblinks
February 2011 SCR CONNECTions Presentation

Online Collaboration Tools
Web Resources and Notes via (GoogleDocs)
January 2011 SCR CONNECTions Presentation