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Health Information for the Public

Your health care provider is your best source of information about your personal health. The consumer who wants to find further health information has many options on the web.

But check the source! Who put that information on the web? Non-profit organizations with a mission to share information (like the American Cancer Society) usually have good quality websites. Universities often have excellent websites. Be aware that websites which advertise products should be read with great care. For more information on evaluating websites, go to the MedlinePlus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing.

Where do I go for Health Information?

MedlinePlus - The first place to start for great health information, from the National Library of Medicine

Healthfinder - Federal government's links to health information online

ClinicalTrials.gov - The place to learn about the latest clinical trials, and if they work for you

familydoctor.org - Advice for your whole family from family doctors

Lab Tests Online - A resource on lab testing from the professionals who do the testing

Find Your Local Health Library - Libraries with large health collections

How to find Medicare information - Includes Medicaid links

How do I talk to my doctor? - Advice for communicating with your doctor

Find a Doctor, Hospital or other Healthcare - Online Directories

For Teens

MedlinePlus Teen Health - Lots of great information for Teens

TeensHealth - Health, jobs, recipes and more!

Go Ask Alice! - Columbia University's Health Question and Answer Service

Teen Talk - Sexuality and Relationship information from Planned Parenthood

GirlsHealth - Great government website for girls!

We Are Talking - Teen Health Info from Palo Alto Medical Foundation

SAVE: Suicide Awareness Voices of Education - If you're even thinking about it, go here.

Too Smart to Start - Help prevent underage alcohol use. Facts and advice for tweens and teens.

Above the Influence - Games, facts, advice, and real stories from teens. Brought to you by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign.

For Children

KidsHealth - Doctor approved articles for kids

BAM! Body and Mind - Information on health from the Centers for Disease Control

Kids.gov - Tons of great links to more health info

FDA Kids Home Page - Safe foods, drug information, and general health

Health Information in Spanish / Información de Salud en Español

MedlinePlus en español

National Cancer Institute (Instituto Nacional del Cáncer)

AIDSinfo en español (infoSIDA)

healthfinder.gov en español

USA.gov en español

CDC en español (Centers for Disease Control / Centros para el Control de Enfermedades)

NOAH (Acceso Computerizado de la Salud en Nueva York)

Pan American Health Organization (Organización Panamericana de la Salud)

More Health and Science Information

Haz-Map - Hazards associated with different careers

Household Products Database - Information on chemicals in ordinary household products

Genetics Home Reference - Information on genetics for the rest of us!

ToxTown - Environmental health risks in everyday life

Where You Live - Information on your own neighborhood from the EPA

FedStats - The gateway to statistics from over 100 Federal agencies