National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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SCR Regional Initiatives

Regional initiatives are led by South Central Region coordinators to help utilize their unique expertise to contribute to the mission of NNLM. 

Initiative: Astronaut Health: Health Information Resources to Support Science Education was developed by the Consumer Health Coordinator to provide NLM, NIH, and NASA resources to public and school librarians, as well as science educators. The regional partnership with educators provides a train-the-trainer workshop including hands on activities. Programs include science, space, health, and literacy subject matter. See also for resources for the Summer of Space!

Initiative: The Game of Health was developed by the SCR All of Us Community Engagement Coordinator to provide public libraries with a fun interactive game to introduce patrons to trusted health information resources. Health care is a team effort, and the best way to get the best care possible is to be an active member of your health care team. Patrons will go through five steps of the game to learn ways to prepare, engage, and research health-related information.

Initiative: Performing Arts Health was developed by the Community Engagement Coordinator to partner with health professionals focusing upon musician health and researchers examining the impact music has on the health of consumers.