National Library of Medicine Grant Recipients in the South Central Region

The following sites in the South Central Region are recipients of various grants, subcontracts and other funding awarded by the National Library of Medicine during the 20011-2016 contract. More information on projects may be found by using the NIH RePORTer (Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool) database query form.

State Project Title Organization
LA INSPECT: Interactive Surveillance Portal for Evaluating Clinical Support Tulane University of Louisiana

NLM Training Program In Biomedical Informatics For Predoc & Postdoctoral Fellows

Rice University
  A Computational Framework for Assessing the Feasibility of Bio-Emergency Response University of North Texas
  Encoding Semantic Knowledge in Vector Space for Biomedical Information University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston
  Real-Time Disambiguation of Abbreviations in Clinical Notes University of Texas Heatlh Science Center-Houston
  Using Biomedical Knowledge To Identify Plausible Signals For Pharmacovigilance University of Texas Heatlh Science Center-Houston