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Survey Finds Not All Americans Online

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According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project’s report Who’s Not Online and Why, 15% of American adults 18 and over do not use the internet.

While the internet has become an information hub with websites on countless topics according to the report 34% of those not online think the internet is not relevant to them. Another reason reported by 32% non-internet users was the sense that the intent is not easy to use. Those who reported in this category found it difficult or frustrating to go online, they reported physical barriers as well as fears about spam, spyware, and hacking.

Other reasons for not going online include:

  • 19% of non-internet users cite the expense of owning a computer or paying for an internet connection;
  • 7% of non-users cited a physical lack of availability or access to the internet.

According to the survey findings age, along with household income and education level are factors for accessing the internet. Age continues to be one of the strongest indicators for use of the internet. The survey found that “44% of Americans ages 65 and older do not use the internet, and these older Americans make up almost half (49%) of non-internet users overall.”

Will this non-internet users ever go online? According to the report 92% say they are not interested.

Survey findings also show that 9% of the US adult population does not have access to the internet in their home.

For many of use reading this post the internet is part of our daily lives. But what about the 15% of adults who are not online? Exploring ways to provide services or information to these groups that does not necessitate an internet connection can be important. For the 9% of adults without access to the internet in their homes public computer stations in locations such as the public library may provide the only means of access to the online world.

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