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Funny and Informative Data Sharing and Management Video

Librarians at New York University’s Health Sciences Libraries (NYUHSL) developed a series of short videos to highlight the importance of data sharing under Federally funded awards and grants. The Librarians at NYUHSL developed the videos with funding from “information specialist” supplements to existing National Institutes of Health (NIH) research grants. The National Library of Medicine (NLM) initiated these supplements as a pilot last year. They were offered by several NIH Institutes and Centers.

The NYUHSL librarians developed three short videos using Xtranormal animation and later combined them into one. The videos, while funny, highlight the importance of data sharing and the unfortunately funny situations that can arise when data is not managed correctly.

As data sets become an increasingly important aspect of continued research across departments and divisions researchers may need assistance understanding data management policies and data sharing. Increasingly librarians have demonstrated that they can play an important role in helping researchers with the data management process and data management policy creation.

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