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NN/LM SCR Lending Library New Additions

The image shows the book covers of all books mentioned in the post.

The NN/LM SCR has added several titles to the Lending Library this quarter. The materials are available for loan to any of our Network members.

  • 10 Steps to Successful Presentations
    Author: ASTD
    Connect with your audience and become a think-on-your- feet presenter with 10 strategies for communicating with authority. 10 Steps to Successful Presentations presents strategies to conquer the phobia of public speaking and deliver dynamic, stress-free presentations. Create captivating content; simplify complex ideas; design impactful visual aids; and contrast the characteristics of effective, dynamic presentations against those of awkward, unsuccessful presentations.
  • ASTD’s Ultimate Train the Trainer
    Author: Elaine Biech
    ASTD’s Ultimate Train the Trainer is a complete, customizable, template-driven train the trainer resource that allow users to quickly design and deploy programs that produce new classroom ready trainers. Interactive CD included.
  • Evidence Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM, 3rd Edition
    Author: Sharon E. Straus, W. Scott Richardson, Paul Glasziou, and R. Brian Haynes
    Evidence Based Medicine provides a clear explanation of the central questions of EBM – how to ask answerable clinical questions, how to translate them into effective searches for the best evidence, how to critically appraise that evidence for its validity and importance, and how to integrate it with patients’ values and preferences. This book focuses on the major challenge of practicing EBM in real time, providing tips and tools to help. Includes interactive and user-friendly CD and list of downloadable EBM resources for handhelds.
  • The Librarian’s Nitty-Gritty Guide to Social Media
    Author: Laura Solomon
    The vast array of social media options presents a challenge to today’s busy librarians: it’s tough to keep current, let alone formulate a plan for using these tools effectively. Solomon, a librarian with extensive experience in web development, design, and technology, cuts to the chase with this invaluable guide to using social media in any kind of library. With a straightforward and pragmatic approach, she enlarges her best-selling ALA Editions Special Report on the topic and presents an overview of the social media world, providing context for services like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and analyzes how adults and teens use of social media impacts the library. The author offers advice on easy ways to use these tools on a daily basis, with planning strategies for posting and scheduling. The book addresses the fine points of Facebook, comparing the various types of profiles and accounts. Solomon guides readers in the basics of crafting eye-catching status updates, and other social media best practices and shows how to manage and monitor accounts, including pointers on dealing with negative feedback. The book includes a bibliography of additional resources. Solomon’s guide will empower libraries to use social media as a powerful tool for marketing, outreach, and advocacy.
  • Pathways to Teaching Nursing: Keeping It Real!
    Author: Sylvia Rayfield and Loretta Manning
    Like a compass that guides adventurers through wilderness territory, the “teach the teacher” insights in this book have as their dual purpose to both focus and empower the work of nurse educators. Authors Sylvia Rayfield and Loretta Manning have brought alive the message that our highest calling as nursing teachers is to develop teaching strategies and relationships with nursing students that foster in them a sense of worth and of identity as caring professional nurses.
  • Web Service APIs and Libraries
    Author: Jason Paul Michel
    This book shows how to enhance an institution’s presence on the web with tools that integrate a variety of handy, popular programs. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are software tools that help different programs work together, and Michel shows readers how to integrate these into existing library websites as well as use them to launch new kinds of services.

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